Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon - Another Story (Japan) [En by FuSoYa v1.0] (~Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story) Game

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon - Another Story (Japan) [En by FuSoYa v1.0] (~Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story) gamethis is one excellent or if i may say,brilliant RPG. i'm not sure can i properly introduce you to it but scence there is no other,i will try. there a plenty of reasons to try this game. for starters,you get to control around 10 characters with a set of very interesting tehniques. they can work together in battle,maximum of 5 so far. and sometimes,you are on your own. from physical attacks,over countless magical abilities which drain your EP,to link attacks where two characters from team work together to create a new way,team attacks and formations optimized in powering up,items to regenerate you and a really well developed enemy system, the game still rarely allows a state of completely overpowering your oponent. even if you think you leveled up enough to beat anyone and everything,you will still face a decent and a much stronger challenge then you anticipated. a wrong decision you make may cost you severely. while you will not instantly lose if one of your allies falls,as well as you can attack multiple enemies with some field attack,so can the enemy,so think wisely and choose your allies wisely. i could really say a lot more but its on you to descover. now the story. this is the kind of game that no matter how long is it,you never want to see the end. it has a few pitfalls where you don't know where to go and what to do but overall,its no big deal. the one mayor annoyance is that battle designed areas will spam enemies on timer,it really never ends. it can be highly annoying when you lose your track. one pitfall that can ruin the game is after you defeat a certain who. a minor spoiler: in the future,at crystal palace,after the grand battle,when you're told you should go under the palace,the right path isn't out of the palace. there is a confusing dialog: wait. we can't all just leave... that makes you think it is,but there is nothing out there but endless spam of battles that will drive you insane trying to find a way out. it can help you form a better team and level up but that is all. instead,the path,for some hard to find,is inside the palace itself and this is probably just an insurence against fighting using 10 players simultanuosly which game is not designed to handle. now that you know some inside info,try it. you won't regret it.