Duel, The - Test Drive II Game

= Directions

 enter ↵  = Start

 Space  = Select/Mode

Z = a

X = b

A = x

S = y

D = l

C = r

Duel, The - Test Drive II gameThis is a racing game where you get to drive a car against either in time trial mode or against a pc. Your obstacles are oncoming traffic, cops, or also not crashing into trees [if you get off the road], running out of gas, and blowing out the engine [if you chose one of the hard levels and dont change gear]. In my opinion, this game has the best graphics of the other racing games [of the snes era]. If you start in one of the two easy modes the car will be automatic, if not [the last two] then it will have manual transmission [you would have to click to shift up or down]. Highly recommend it.