Spy Hunter Flash Game

This a Flash remake of the classic driving/shooting arcade game. Your car is fast, with good armor, and an unlimited source of ammunition. Everything you need to fuel your road rage. You have 3 cars, each one is delivered to the scene via the COTSE Truck. Each time you die, you have to wait for the truck to find you and deposit a new car. Once you lose your last car, the game is over. Hit Man rides around just looking for something to shoot at. He stands in the back of his car with a sniper rifle pointed at your car at all times. Every level he shoots faster. Each of his bullets take away 10% of your health. Your shots take away 10% of his health. You get 500 extra points if you destroy him. Because his car is so heavily armored, crashing into him will blow your car up. The traffic doesn't pose much of a threat to you. All they can do is get in your way. Running into a car takes away 5% of your health. But there is an added bonus to hitting these commuters! Running into a car gets you 10 points. If that car hits a tree you get another 10 points for a total of 20 points. If that car hits another car, both cars blow up and you get a total of 30 points. You can also unleash 4 shots on a single car to blow it up for 50 points. Now you are ready for your mission.