Flying Dragon - The Secret Scroll Game

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 enter ↵  = Start

 Space  = Select/Mode

Z = A

X = B

Flying Dragon - The Secret Scroll gameAfter your dying master, Juan, requests you head out on your journey to the mystical Shironji to see where the adventure takes you! Embark on your epic quest, starting in the deadly woods and fight through the ninjas and evil spirits until you make it all the way to the mystical city of Shironji, where you hope to uncover the mysteries of the Secret Scroll! If you found that amazing Nintendo NES game to y0our liking and you'd love to have a go at other fantastic ttitles from this cool genre then why not take a shot at more great games, much like Altered Beast, Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety and the badass Metal Slug 3!