Q*bert on Msdos Game

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse , "Alt" and "Space bar".
The player controls the game Q * bert; an orange creature that looks like a ball with two legs, two eyes and a mouth and horn. He talks through speech bubbles, which, however, are just random strings of characters such as @! #? @ !. The object of the game is already catching a pyramid change in a specific color. The pyramid is composed of several compartments, and each compartment where Q * bert makes contact changes color. At higher levels Q * bert is different against hostile creatures like the snake Coily, the gremlins Slick and Sam, and two purple creatures called Ugg and Wrong-Way, which try to hinder him in his journey. Furthermore, Q * bert opposed by falling balls. On the side of the board are floating discs that Q * bert can flee to the top of the pyramid.